D252L 杆锁 L 系列端锚

配件 |拼接 |棒锁

The D252L Bar Lock End Anchor is a Type 2 rebar end anchor used to provide anchorage. It consists of a thick walled tube, specially designed lock shear bolts, serrated grip rails, and a welded, headed disc. The D252L is made from USA melted and rolled steel.

The D252L provides the contractor with additional installation flexibility, providing the ability to slide the end anchor to any position desired along a length of rebar and accommodates inverted installation, helping simplify installation in applications where heavy rebar congestion is encountered.


产品代码 包装
145790 黑色 #4 [13MM]
145791 黑色 #5 [16MM]
145792 黑色 #6 [19MM]
145793 黑色 #7 [22MM]
145794 黑色 #8 [25MM]
145795 黑色 #9 [29MM]
145796 黑色 #10 [32MM]
145797 黑色 #11 [36MM]
145798 黑色 #14 [43MM]
145799 黑色 #18 [57MM]
特定客户定价可能在 代顿访问 中可用。最低标准包装尺寸可能适用。

棒锁和 #174; 耦合器系统

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